Autonomous Agencies (╭╮)

Autonomous meaning self-sustained, self sufficient or independent.
Agencies can be understood as the very vehicle that drives that intention.

Autonomous Agencies is a speculative workshop, investigating the new architectural typologies of the post-human era or the Post Anthroposcene. Architecture created by robotic systems, for robotic systems driven by a non human agency.

In this workshop we will tackle the question on how we can create architectural systems relating to contemporary urgencies and domains connected to a post-singularity and post-anthropocentric ecology. Can we in this workshop, as a collective research lab, investigate, inquire and speculate about methods of architectural communication,production, fabrication? And can we, using that research, produce new architectural and cultural models.

collect, adapt, create
The students are narrating a speculative scenario in the post-anthroposcene where data/input is collected, sensed or gathered. An algorithm creates an adaptive architecture thats requires said input, creating a system that reacts accordingly.

shortfilms of all groups can be watched here: 1,2,3,4,5

workshop results: Nomad_detail
workshop results: Nomad_detail
workshop results: Nomad_top
workshop results: Nomad_isometric view
workshop results: Nomad_detail

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current project: Autonomous Agencies
project collaborators: Ozgun Karsli, Haifeng Zhao, Zhuo Cgeng,
Yingjie An, Jieni Zhang, Junyi Liu, Weijue Wang,
Ran Mo, Tushar Mondal,
project year: 2018