E|A|S (Evolving Asteroid Starships) (≡)

An experimental modular spacecraft for long-distance space travel. Created under the supervision of Dr. Angelo Vermeulen, a former NASA collaborator and current researcher at TU Delft.

"The hostile and unpredictable environment of deep space requires a new conceptual approach for interstellar flight, one that differs radically from any current design in aerospace. Using biology as inspiration, E|A|S (Evolving Asteroid Starships) explores the concept of spaceships that physically grow and evolve during their interstellar journey.
Resources extracted through asteroid mining are used to 3D print new components of the ship in an endless process of adaptation. A biological life support system based on the European Space Agency’s MELiSSA program is used to keep multiple generations of crew members alive. The DSTART (TU Delft Starship Team) team is currently developing detailed concept studies and computer simulations to test these ideas.
The DSTART team is part of the SEAD network." (Wikipedia Angelo Vermeulen, 2019 )

Thank you to all the guys (and girls) at DSTART for the daily inspiration.

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current project: E|A|S (Evolving Asteroid Starships)
project collaborators: Dr. Angelo Vermeulen, DSTART crew
project year: 2018