Synesthesia (⋱)

Synesthesia aims to create an architecture that defies classification and reductionism. It try to explore unseen levels of resolution and topological complexity in architecture by developing compositional strategies based on a purely algorithmic processes.

In the Synesthesia project, I use these algorithms to create a form that appears at once synthetic and organic. The design process strikes a delicate balance between the expected and the unexpected, between control and relinquishment. The algorithms are deterministic as they do not incorporate randomness, but the results are not necessarily entirely foreseeable.

The resulting architecture does not lend itself to visual reductionism. Rather, the processes can devise truly surprising topographies and topologies that go beyond what one could have traditionally conceived. Synesthesia is between chaos and order, both natu-ral and artificial. Any references to nature or existing styles are not integrated into the design process, but are evoked only as associations in the eye of the beholder.

Synesthesia algorithm
front view
front view -detail
front view
agent diagram 1
front view
front view -detail
front view
agent diagram 2
top view
top view -detail
front view
Synesthesia algorithm iterations

early concept drawings 1|2
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